Cool Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Hello Summer holidays! The sun is shining, the ocean is glistening, kids are laughing and playing (and looking for constant entertainment!).

We’ve got you parents. If you need fun ideas for the holidays, we’ve got some brilliant ideas for you to feast your eyes on! Whether you are looking for something indoors or outdoors there will be something here to inspire every type of family.

  • Family puzzle - Why not work on a huge puzzle as a family? Do it all in one hit or do it bit by bit over the holidays. You could even challenge the kids to make their own puzzle by giving them a piece of cardboard, craft materials then getting them to cut it up into a DIY puzzle. Then they’ll have a blast piecing it back together!
  • Crafts - If you have to work in the holidays and need to keep the kids close and busy, why not set them up with an art/craft station? Remember Mr Squiggle? Have a ‘squiggle-off’ and set them 20 minutes to create a masterpiece.
  • Movies - Sure it’s an obvious one but it’s always a winner! The new Spiderman, The Matrix Resurrections, the new Disney movie Encato, Sing 2, Boss Baby Family Business and more!
  • Arcades/Game Centres - Head to your local shopping centre and take the kids to an arcade or game centre. They often have a cafe where you can take a breather and chill while the little ones go wild.
  • Make a cubby house - Give the kids some old sheets and challenge them to build a living room fortress. Even consider setting up sleeping bags and let them camp at home!
  • Indoor skydiving - This will get hearts pumping and will probably be one of the best family activities you ever do. It’s suitable for ages 3+ so even the smaller kids can participate.
  • Lego - Buy a family lego project to work on across the holidays. Or an individual one for each family member.
  • Ice skating - Get out of the heat and get your skates on!
  • Air dry clay - Buy some air dry or polymer clay and challenge the kids to make some jewellery.
  • Classic movies - Have a movie night and pull out some of the classics you loved as a kid. Some of our favourites were Encino Man, Mrs Doubtfire, Father of the Bride, Fern Gully, The Wizard of Oz, Home Alone, E.T.
  • Learn something new - Challenge your kids and yourselves to learn a new skill online. Whether it’s how to do origami, crochet, cook a new cuisine or start learning a new language. There’s something online for every interest.

  • Playground bingo - Make a list of playgrounds (or parks) you want to visit over the holidays and get the kids to tick them off as you visit them.
  • Bush walks/nature walks - We live in such a beautiful country. If you are lucky enough to live near the bush, take the kids exploring! Even consider downloading a plant app so you can look at all the flora and fauna and identify different plants.
  • Zoo/wildlife park/aquarium - Go to a big zoo or find a small specialist park to get the kids out and experiencing wildlife. Even consider going to an animal sanctuary or rescue shelter to volunteer some time.
  • Fruit picking - There are places to pick fruit all over Australia and it’s a great and fun activity for kids to see where their food comes from!
  • Backyard camping - Backyard camping can be wildly fun for an adventure at home! Set up your tent and even cook dinner over the campfire!
  • Famously local finds - Do some research and go for a family trip to try the best burger, visit a famous ice cream shop, taste the top fish and chips in the state.
  • Go-karting - Head off to a Go-Kart track and let the kids get a taste for some adrenaline! They often have different tracks for various ages and abilities (and you can join in!).
  • Mini golf/putt putt - Mini golf is making a comeback! Test their skill (and your own) at a fun mini golf course. Set a fun challenge, winner chooses what’s for dinner!
  • Snorkling - Whether in the ocean, a small lagoon or even your backyard pool, snorkling is a great way to get the kids active and exploring.
  • Tree climbs/outdoor adventure parks - These have exploded in popularity. Harness up the kids and take a stroll around the treetops at an outdoor adventure park!
  • Plant a veggie patch - One of the easiest ways to get kids to eat veggies is to involve them in growing some! Ask them what they’d like to grow and plant away.
  • Horseriding - Head out for a trail ride and let the kids explore nature on horseback. You can even find camel rides in certain parts of Australia!
  • Kayaking - Pack a picnic and take out the kayaks for a day of fun.

Happy holidays everyone!

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