My Big Fat Greek Wedding Review

Blogged by: Chinside Park 18 Apr 2016 View comments

Since arriving 13 years ago and instantly becoming a movie classic around the world, the devoute fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding have been waiting for this - the sequel. The wait is over, the event is here and we are happy to report that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 does not disappoint.

Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (Bill Corbett) are back  and have an angsty college-age daughter who is struggling with her very loving, very involved, very big fat Greek family. So where does the wedding come in? Well, turns out, due to a clerical error, it Toula's mum and dad who aren't actually married. All of the original cast returns to throw a giant party, Vardolos wrote the screenplay with Tom Hanks producing all-star across the board.

Check out all the screening times at Chirnside's favourite movie cinema,Chirnside Park's Reading Cinemas.


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