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Gifts That Give Back
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 04 Dec 2017 View comments
In the spirit of giving, take the extra step this Christmas to find a gift that will do good for more than just one person. With so many charitable companies offering help to others, we’ve got some amazing retailers at Chirnside Park who either help the environment, those less fortunate or support other noteworthy causes. So if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, give a special gift this Christmas and support a cause.


Check the supermarket aisles for the range of fantastic products by Thank you. Thankyou gives 100% of their profits to the Thankyou Charitable Trust, which distributes funds to life-changing food, water, health and sanitation programs around the world. With beautiful Christmas gift sets available, go down to your local Coles and buy a gift that gives back.


Cotton On

With 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Cotton On Foundation products going to the Cotton On Foundation, you will help empower youth around the world through quality education. With a range of tote bags, wrist wear, tissues and water available from the Cotton On Foundation range, grab a stocking filler that will support youth around the world.

cotton on


Providing their stores as gift collection points, the Kmart Wishing Appeal is Australia’s largest and longest running Christmas gift appeal. Bring your gift down to Kmart, take a tag from the Wishing Tree and with one end of the tag, identify the age bracket of your gift and pop it under the Wishing Tree. With the other end of the tag, give it to your loved one, so they know they have helped a family in need this Christmas.



Get behind the Supré Foundation this Christmas and help empower girls globally! With 100% of proceeds from the sales of Supré Foundation products supporting the Supré Foundation projects, you will help empower girls this Christmas. With the current goal to grow bullying education and resources in Australian schools, get behind the Supré Foundation this Christmas. Shop the Supré Foundation range at Supré.



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