Valentine's Day, Lifestyle Blogged by: Wollongong Central 08 Feb 2019

9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, like love, is for everyone. You might be with your significant other. You might be with a group of friends. You might be with your furry friend or you might be enjoying the day on your own! No matter who you are, take some time to celebrate whatever love you have.
Here are 9 unique ideas for how to spend your day, whether you are with another, single or ready to mingle!
1. Recreate
Recreate a day you have loved; together, alone, whatever! As long as it makes you happy. It could be your first date, going for a hike on a beautiful trail, re-exploring an amazing place you took your furry friend. 
2. Technology freeze
Have a technology freeze. Spend the day loving each other’s (or your own) company. Be peaceful, talk, remove all distractions. Focus on connecting.
3. Get active
It’s just after Christmas, you might be on a health kick post the silly season. You don’t need to head to a fancy restaurant to eat lavish food and indulge in expensive wine. Plan a day where you can get out, be in nature, get some endorphins flowing. Go hiking, kayaking, horse riding. Explore a hidden beach, go skydiving, rent some bicycle cars in a local park. Importantly, do something that makes you laugh and smile.
4. Make a home reservation
Plan a special day at home. Cook something nice, get out the nice dinnerware, dress up, make some cocktails and enjoy it all in the comfort of your own home. Or, get on your pjs, get some takeaway, and watch a movie marathon. Either way, it’ll be comfortable and fun.
5. Tick off your bucket list
Use Valentine’s Day as the day you tick something off your bucket list annually. What better way to show self love! Perhaps you want to do something daring - go skydiving, deep sea fishing, take a live art class, go zorbing, swim with sharks. You’ll finish the day feeling like you’ve achieved something spectacular.
6. Go on a scavenger hunt
Pre-organised and paid, or planned by yourself. Scav hunts are great for bringing out your inner child. Great for a group of friends too, a bit of fun competition treasure hunting in your local city could be hilarious. Then, top it off with drinks and dinner.
7. Go on a foodie tour
Foodie tours, gourmet safaris, taste tours. Whatever you call them, they are a new craze. Get a backstage pass to local and international cuisine, immersing yourself in culinary delights and indulging.
8. Book a plane trip
Make Valentine’s the day that you commit to going somewhere. It might be an international location that you (or both of you if a couple) have been dying to visit. It could be a cruise. It could just be a day spa or health retreat in another state. Make it a day to look forward to simply because it means more adventure.
9. Volunteer
Show your love for others by volunteering at a local charity. Go to a food shelter, walk dogs at the local pound, join a local conservation group and help regenerate some bushland.
Whatever you do, we hope you feel the love 💖

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