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Declutter your home, Marie Kondo style

We’ve hopped on board the Marie Kondo train. We resisted, but we confess… we are HOOKED!
If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who MK is, listen up. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organisation expert and author. Her show on Netflix, Tidying Up, has attracted a cult following of people as she uses jedi-like methods to declutter and organise people’s homes.
If you too, want to live in Tidy Town, give these tips a go.
1. Debrand your household products
Branded products add ‘noise’ and clutter. Also, thinking of the environment, if you purchase a reusable container, you can bulk buy shampoos, hand soaps etc. and contribute less to landfill.
2. Storage containers make life beautiful
Imagine a world where everything in your pantry or fridge looks uniform and tidy. Stackable storage heaven. Just don’t buy storage until you measure up and plan what you need!
3. Divide your drawers
Bras, knickers, socks, cutlery, jewellery. You name it… divide it and you’ll never lose another thing!
4. Toy categories
Seriously, what’s the point in tidying up if your kids still live with you… right? Well MK recommends categorising kids toys. Pull out one box at a time. Craft, lego, plush toys, puzzles etc. A place for everything!

5. Lovable laundry
We are loving divided hampers or ‘all in one’ laundry trolleys. With 2 or 3 sections to divide dirty laundry by colour (or person), washing day will be so much easier that you will love your laundry.

Just starting your decluttering journey?
Here are some of our favourite home organisation products available from Chirnside Park: 

Kmart -
3 Tier Storage Caddy with Bamboo Frame - $45
Twin Laundry Hamper with Bamboo Frame - $25

Target - Folding Fabric Cube - $9

Kmart - Straight Glass Jar - $8

Target - Under Bed Storage - $8

Kmart - 3 Tier Kitchen Trolley - $29

We hope this blog post has ‘sparked joy’! ✨😉
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