Mother's Day Blogged by: Chirnside Park 07 May 2018 View comments
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 07 May 2018 View comments
Marketplace has everything you’ll need to delight your Mum with flowers this Mother’s Day. From Orchids to Lilies, Jonquils to Natives, Gerberas to Cyclamens and everything in between. Marketplace stocks a wide variety of bouquets and plants, and can tailor make the perfect bunch just for your Mum!

Marketplace (Chirnside Park Fruit & Vegetable Market) is located in the market hall, next to Rainbow Meats.

Open early mornings and late nights:
• Monday to Wednesday: 7am - 8pm
• Thursday & Friday: 7am - 9pm
• Saturday & Sunday: 7am - 8pm



The Chrysanthemum is the signature Mother’s Day Flower in Australia and comes in a few varieties:

Disbud Chrysanthemums
These are available in beautiful natural colours such as white, cream, yellow, pale and mid pink.
Marketplace have single potted Disbuds for under $20.

Pom Pom Chrysanthemums 
These flowers have tighter petals that form a distinctive ball shape and are often named ‘Pom Poms’.

Spider Chrysanthemums
These are another popular variety and are often found amongst the mixed posy and boxed arrangements.
starting from $12.



Natives have lots of earthy and natural tones and are very popular amongst younger Mums.
Pre-made arrangements are available in-store and start from $15.



Orchids are the perfect gift as they look amazing, are long lasting and easy to care for. 
They’re available in a variety of potted and single stem options, with a beautiful selection of colours to select from.



Simple, elegant and traditional Roses symbolise ‘love’ so are a beautiful option for your Mum. 
They’re available in a wide variety of colours which have a different meanings:
• Red – Love, Passion & Beauty
• Dark Pink – Appreciation & Gratitude
• Light Pink – Admiration, Joy & Sweetness
• Yellow – Delight, Friendship & New Beginnings
• Orange – Fascination, Desire & Enthusiasm
• Peach – Appreciation & Sincerity
• Lavender – Enchantment 

Head to Marketplace for all your Mother's Day flowers and select from their amazing range of ready to go bouqets, pots and boxed plants, or create your own special arrangement just for mum!

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