Mother's Day, Lifestyle Blogged by: Chirnside Park 15 Apr 2019

The Fun Mum

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re thinking of our beautiful mum’s and how special they are. They give so much and take so little, so this Mother’s Day, we want to show them how much we appreciate and love them in return, no matter what type of mum they are.
The Fun Mum (not to forget grandma’s) is one that shines from the inside out. She’s all smiles, laughs and about quality time with her loved ones. She’s always surrounded by people, because she simply has that personality that people love to be around.
Never short of a new idea, the Fun Mum (FM) makes life more… fun! She’s up for new challenges, she’s quirky, she’s cool and she spends her life making her family and friends happy.
So how does one spoil a FM this Mother’s Day? Here are a few ideas that will make her day as precious as she is:
  • Nude art class - Get her out for a giggle as you explore your artistic sides, with drawings of some naked sides!
  • Segway tour - A segway tour is a hilarious and fun way to explore something new. Whether it be a vineyard, a city or even a scenic coastal beach.
  • Pottery making class - Not in the style of Ghost (we miss you Patrick Swayze). Often the FM is creative, take her somewhere she can explore something new and where she can express herself.
  • Family karaoke - Need we say more?? Just don’t forget to capture everything on video so you can bring it out on future occasions for even more fun and laughs.
  • Happy hour at home - Invite mum over for some one on one time over happy hour (or happy 4 hours) with a ready supply of her favourite cocktail or other beverage.
  • Drive-in - Find a local drive-in, stock up on her favourite treats and take her to see a flick in a fun and alternative setting.
  • Family craft - Get a plaster hand plaster casting kit for everyone in the family to cast their hands together (trust us, you can have some great conversations stuck together waiting for plaster to dry)
  • A cooking class - Take her for a fun cooking class where you learn to make pasta or dumplings, then you get to eat it (with some good wine/cocktails in hand!).
All mum’s are different, but what truly makes her special is that she is yours. Happy Mother’s Day, to all the Fun Mum’s and the people who love them.

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