Mother's Day, Lifestyle Blogged by: Chirnside Park 15 Apr 2019

The Natural Mum

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re thinking of our beautiful mum’s and how special they are. They give so much and take so little, so this Mother’s Day, we want to show them how much we appreciate and love them in return, no matter what type of mum they are.
The Natural Mum (not to forget Natural Grandma) is a relaxed and thoughtful beauty. She loves spending time in the great outdoors, finding peace with mother nature.
Environmentally conscious, her peaceful home is a place where you’ll find natural products, lush gardens and a tranquil atmosphere.
The Natural Mum (NM) is thoughtful and kind. She takes time to find the right gifts for people for special occasions and she loves spending quality time with those she loves. Especially over a nutritious, heartwarming meal she’s made herself.
So how does one return the favour and spoil a precious NM this Mother’s Day? Here are a few ideas that will make her day as precious as she is:
  • Health retreat - Take her on a weekend health retreat. One where you can both leave technology behind, meditate, eat wonderful food and be at one with nature.
  • Hiking - Take her to explore a new area. Pack a picnic lunch and hike to a new, serene and breathtaking location.
  • Nature photography - Send her on a nature photography course. Whether it be landscapes or wildlife, she’ll learn some new skills and be in nature with the things she loves.
  • Craft workshops - Take her to a creative workshop such as basket weaving, origami, resin art, crochet, pottery making and more. The NM is often in touch with her creative side and loves to make things with her hands.
  • Vegan cooking class - With veganism taking off, the environmentally friendly NM would love a vegan cooking class where she can learn some new culinary skills to spoil her loved ones with.
  • Green thumb class - There are a range of brilliant classes for NM’s with a green thumb. Flower arranging, terrarium making, flower crown craft and more.
  • Mindfulness workshop - Healthy mind workshops are popping up all over the world. We love those that focus on mindfulness, some even incorporating some craft/creation activities like making essential oil or natural skincare products.
  • Get inked - Whether it be matching meaningful tattoos or henna art, take your lovely NM mumma to get some matching mother daughter body art. The alternative NM will love doing something different that holds special meaning.
All mum’s are different, but what truly makes her special is that she is yours. Happy Mother’s Day, to all the Natural Mum’s and the people who love them.

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