This Is How We Christmas, Christmas Parties Blogged by: Chirnside Park 08 Nov 2019

Looking for ideas for your work Christmas party?

We spend A LOT of time with the people we work with. So at the end of the year, it’s a great idea to kick up your heels and celebrate the festive season together!
Planning the ultimate office Christmas ‘do’, however, can be stressful. How do we make it better than last year? How do we please everyone? What if people don’t have fun?
Never fear! At Chirnside Park we have 7 cool ideas to spark inspiration for your office Christmas party, that everyone is bound to love.

We are blessed with blue skies and sunshine in our wonderful country as Christmas approaches, so why not bring the festivities outside and soak up some vitamin D?
  • Set up a marquee in a park or on the beach.
  • Go on a cruise or go sailing.
  • Go to mini golf or barefoot bowls.
  • Have high tea in the park, with caterers and wait staff on hand.
  • Go kayaking to a destination for lunch.
  • Take everyone for trapeze lessons.
  • Go on a ghost tour.

Rather than put all the pressure on yourself or your manager, hire some entertainment to run the party!
  • Find a magician / comedian to put on a show but also host the whole event.
  • Hire a band, DJ or a solo musician to help set the mood.
  • Get some professional dancers to perform a show or even teach the staff some moves!
  • Create an event with a circus theme, with a show and performers to spice up the day.
  • Hire an artist to create fun caricatures.
  • Find your inner children with some face painters, magicians and science demonstrations.

Let’s face it… there’s always a little competition around the office. Get creative, get competitive and set up some fun and friendly competitions that everyone can get involved in!
  • Recreate an amazing race or a scav hunt. Split staff into teams, drop clues and get them to work towards one final grand prize.
  • Go to the beach, set up a picnic and put people into teams. Tug of war, beach volleyball, sand art. You name it!
  • Get out on the tennis courts and host a grand competition.
  • On a smaller scale, get creative and have a ‘toilet paper snowman’ competition where each team dresses someone up. Or award people for ‘best’ or ‘ugliest’ Christmas outfits.

What better way to forget the stresses of work than to get creative?
  • Do a painting class (nude models, landscapes etc.).
  • Do a pottery/jewellery making class.
  • Do a cooking class (make your own pasta) or cocktail making class.
  • Book an escape room so staff can have fun while using their skills to get out!
  • Release your inner pop stars at karaoke. Nobody hates karaoke! (Even if they say they do).

Giving back is a fabulous way to spend time with workmates and think about what matters.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter for the day. Pooch cuddles!
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Rather than office Secret Santa, get staff to buy and donate a gift to a specific charity.
  • Host a fundraiser for a chosen charity. Sell baked goods, host a gift wrapping event or just hit the streets.
  • Give staff a vote, so they can choose what charity they’d like to support.

Themes seem to have taken over Christmas parties, and we love it! There is no shortage of fun themes, but here are some we love.
  • Circus
  • The Great Gatsby (the FASHION!)
  • A white Christmas / winter wonderland
  • Masquerade
  • A murder mystery theme where everyone is assigned a character
  • Vegas / Casino Royale.

Get together, reflect on the year just gone but make sure you have a laugh too! Some good hearted humour never goes astray and we love handing out kooky office awards.
  • Office Prankster
  • Never on Time
  • Buzz Word Master
  • The Personal Space Ignorer
  • Social Director
  • Noisy Eater
  • Always In a Meeting
  • The Office Parent.

We wish you a fun and festive time!
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