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Trailer & Review: The Inferno
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 16 Sep 2016 View comments
Directory, Ron Howard, and Tom Hanks team up again in The Inferno, the final movie in the Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code trilogy.  Hanks reprises his role as Robert Langdon alongside Omar Sy, just off the back Jurassic World, Felicity Jones (who starred in The Worst Witch!), Hindi superstar Irrfan Khan and the phenomenal
Ben Foster.

Langdon, now a professor of symbology at Harvard University wakes up one morning, finds himself in a Florence, Italy hospital, with zero memory of the past few days.  Not only is Langdon far from home with no memory but also finds himself as the target of a major manhunt!  Jones plays Dr Sienna Brooks, a doctor who helps Langdon escape.  Together they attempt to piece together his missing memory and secure his freedom.

If that wasn't enough, then we get to the riddle of the movie.  The conundrum.

There is a switch, that if switched, will end the lives of half of humankind.  Leaving the switch unswitched will result in total extinction in a century’s time.  Langdon and Brooks work together to solve the riddle and save man-kind.

The Inferno comes to Chirnside Park's Reading Cinema on 13 October.  View session times here and watch the trailer below!


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