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Winter's best pyjama trends

Pyjamas, pajamas, pjs, jammies… Nothing beats getting home after a long day and changing into a cosy, comfy pair of them. These days, pyjamas are a fashion trend in their own right.
We’ve rounded up the best of the best pyjama trends for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. From silk, cotton, to fluff and fur. We’ll have you and your family ready for bedtime (and the runway!). Sleepwear has evolved dramatically over the centuries.
THE HISTORY - The word ‘pyjama’ comes from the Hindi word paejama, which means "leg covering". Men started wearing them in the late 1800’s, while women preferred to wear a more feminine nightdress.
THE DAYWEAR TREND - A wave of stylish sleepwear has hit our shores, with fashionistas everywhere venturing out in the daytime wearing pyjamas that are simply too pretty to be confined to our bedsheets. Eccentric patterns, tailored silk and pretty flowing nightgowns as beachwear are surprisingly becoming regulars on the streets. We can hear some of you now, ‘we’ve been wearing pyjamas to school drop offs for years!’. Well we salute you comfortable style sirens!
ON TREND - Minimalism might have been popular in the past, but with current on trend sleepwear, the wilder the better! Bold patterns, bright colours and crazy textures are going gangbusters.
AFFORDABLE - The best part about modern sleepwear is it’s so hot, everyone is selling it which means it’s gorgeous AND affordable.
PYJAMAS AND TECHNOLOGY - Not even joking. Smart pyjamas are on their way! Pjs that monitor your heart rate, posture and breathing are the next ‘wearables’. Feedback from your pyjamas can pick up early signs of illness or simply help you improve your quality of sleep.
FOR THE FURRY FRIENDS - Pyjamas have even extended to our furry friends, with Aussies everywhere decking out their paw-fect pals in tartan, knits and onesies.
A PIECE OF PJ TRIVIA - Did you know that in the 19th century, a nightcap wasn’t a drink, it was a bedtime hat that not only kept your head warm, but the long pointy end could be used as a scarf to keep your neck warm.







Sweet dreams (or wakes for those who want to adopt the daytime trend)!

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