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Winter Fashion - The must have colours of the season

With fashion week just passed, the trends have been set! We love a good colour guide. Let’s face it, we all love sticking to our neutral palettes. It’s safe, it’s comfortable and it’s easy. The thought of colour can be daunting. Am I coordinating myself properly? If I experiment with primary colours, am I going to look like a Wiggle?
Not with our help!!!  We’ve rounded up the 4 hottest colour trends to be across this chilly season. Be gone dark and moody winter clothes!

Crimson love

There’s always a place for making a statement and this season’s reds are turning up the heat. Pair your favourite reds with a neutral or a camel for a hot yet classic look. Everything from cranberry, apple and merlot will be making a hit (yes… the wine too).

Calming blues

You just had to see Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes to know that blue would be hot this season. We were certainly inspired. Cornflower blue, deep galaxy blue, smoky navy blue. Winter blues takes on a whole new meaning with this refreshed range you can wear head to toe.

Mustard moods

More than just a condiment, mustard is hot this Winter. Sophisticated, bold and gorgeous. Mustard suits a broad range of skin tones and, paired with a denim or deep blue is creating new inspired looks for the frosty season.

Nature hues

Winter is bringing the outdoors in! Mother nature is making a comeback in fashion, with olives, khaki, forest shades and mosses. Wear with blues for a splendiferous new pairing.

Shop the hottest colour trends at Chirnside Park and step out in style this Winter!

Check out our Colours of the Season Lookbook:

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