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Spring activewear trends to keep you on point

At Chirnside Park, we’ve got you covered on the next big activewear trends to keep you on point this spring. Here’s our take on the latest trends, where to wear them and where to buy them (read that again, grammar lovers).
Whether you are a mum in daily activewear (hey, motherhood is an extreme sport!), a gym buff or an athleisure junkie, there’s something for everyone.

Animal Print

From the red carpet, to office wear, to kidswear and activewear, animal print (particularly leopard) is grrrrrrrrrreat. If you need a little sass to help you through a workout, prints are purrrrrrfect. (Ok we’ll stop).
Gaga, Kaia and Jennifer Lopez aren’t the only ones who can rock this trend. And you aren’t restricted to one type. Brown leopard, snow leopard, coloured leopard, reverse leopard… who knew there were so many types?!


Neon, peach, floral, pastels. Colour is the new black. Mix it, match it, clash it. People want to look different and dress to reflect their personalities. More and more the gym bunnies are bringing fashion into the mix and brands want to differentiate from the usual blacks and greys.
Colour blocking is still all the rage too, brightly coloured and mismatched tanks, bras, tights and shoes are going to make sure you don’t blend into the crowd.
It’s not just clothing that’s brightening our lives, sneakers are all the rage. The more colourful, the better.

Bike shorts and crops

The Kardashian clan is all over this one. Just check out their Instagram feeds.
Hello 80’s and 90’s! Bike shorts and crops are back! Never fear though, the shorts are longer, thicker and more modern and you don’t need to be a biker to wear them. No VPLs here (if you wear them properly - correct undergarments people!).
We’re also loving sport bra/crop top hybrids that are making life (and laundry) simpler. As the weather gets warmer you can get your hands on some great cropped jumpers to continue the trend.

Maternity and matching mummies

Activewear for expectant mothers is pure lycra heaven for those with gorgeous expanding waistlines. Not so long ago, women were searching for stretchy, low waisted pants and baggy daggy comfort items to see them through to delivery. Now, they can step out in style AND comfort.
Mummy influencers are documenting their pregnancies more than ever and at the same time, the market for maternity activewear is booming.
For those with ready-made little people, matching mummy daughter outfits are taking off. You and your little people can hit the streets in matching leopards and sneakers together.
Shop these Activewear Trends at Chirnside Park:

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Nama-slay people!

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