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Summer School Holiday Ideas

The kids are cheering, and so are you! No more school lunches, no more dirty uniforms to wash and iron, no more homework! However… now you’ve got to navigate the world of boredom busting with kids at home.
Here is our ultimate school holiday guide to help you survive (and thrive!) the Summer holidays.
Firstly… get some dates in your diary!
  • Australian Capital Territory: 20 December to 2 February 2020
  • New South Wales: 23 December to 27 January 2020
  • Northern Territory: 16 December to 24 January 2020
  • Queensland: 14 December to 26 January 2020
  • South Australia: 14 December to 27 January 2020
  • Tasmania: 20 December to 4 February 2020
  • Victoria: 20 December to 28 January 2020
  • Western Australia: 19 December to 3 February 2020

Next… work out what holidays you and any other carers can take to mind the kidlets. Once you’ve locked in who can mind kids when and where, you can plot the holes to plan alternative care (or fun activities if the kids ask!).
A fun family activity is sitting down together and writing a holiday wish list. Do you want to go to the zoo? The beach? Do a movie marathon? Everyone gets a vote! Then you can work out some reasonable activities that please everyone.
We highly recommend filling in a holiday planner. Not only will it keep you organised… it is great motivation for good behaviour for the kiddies! It also helps set their expectations so they know what’s on and what to look forward to. It helps them feel safe, secure and sets good habits for forward planning later in life.
And finally here are some fun ideas for what you can do with the kids to fill in that planner!
  • Check your local council websites for local activities
  • Head to Ticketek (or other entertainment sites) to see what shows are on
  • Playdates! You mind their kids one day, they mind yours another! The kids will love it and you’ll get a break too.
  • Pyjama days! You don’t need to fill every nook and cranny of your calendar with activities. Consider alternating a day of activity, with a day of rest/staying close to home.
  • Christmas prep. There is so much to do to prep for the silly season. Get your kids involved by making cards, drawing pictures on them, writing letters to friends and relatives, making DIY decorations/wrapping paper or even making/buying gifts to donate to a cause.
  • Go exploring! Research some new beautiful settings to have a picnic (and perhaps a swim). Make some magical memories in beautiful locations.
  • Plan a photo shoot. Whether you hire a photographer or DIY it, get dressed up and capture those Summer memories! At the end of the holidays you could even get your kids to design a photo book or scrapbook to show their friends.
  • Go on a day trip. Take the kids hiking, to a zoo, to a national park, to a wildlife reserve or rescue centre, bushwalking, to markets etc.
  • Paint with water. Remember those days? A big bucket of water, paint brushes, cement pavers and hours of fun painting, repainting then starting again!
  • Cooking challenge. Get the kids to help plan and cook a meal. Best meal wins an extra school holiday activity!
  • Movies! Whether you go to the movies indoors or find a moonlight/drive in cinema, both you and the kids won’t be able to help but love it.
  • Get crafty. Make some edible slime, some nature art, take your kids somewhere with paint and canvas or just grab random household items and build something! (There is SO much you can do with TP rolls, just look on Pinterest!).
  • Go fruit/veg picking. Make a day of it and visit a strawberry farm or an apple orchard. The kids will love it and you’ll go home loaded up with healthy goodies.
  • Camp out in the backyard. You might like the idea of camping but logistically with little ones (depending on their age), it can be tricky! Plan a camp out in the backyard! All the creature comforts of home and the adventure of something new!
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