Christmas, Family, Kids Blogged by: Chirnside Park 01 Dec 2020

5 Fun and easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is all about celebrating what matters most… each other! This year, make memories by spending time together. One of our favourite ways to do this with the kids is by creating some festive craft.

Here are our five festive craft favourites that are easy, affordable and fabulously fun!



For some Christmas puppet fun, you’ll need skewers or paddle pop sticks, coloured paper or card, markers or crayons, scissors, glue and any other bits and bobs you fancy like googly eyes, gemstones, glitter etc.

Colour in your puppets from this free printable. Cut the shapes out and add any additional accents. Glue a handle to the back and finally, let the puppet show begin!



This fun activity is great for kids of any age. Line up the kids and have a ‘tree decorating’ competition! All you need are some markers or crayons, paper and stickers.

First, print as many trees as you need from this free printable.

Colour in your tree then add little stickers as decorations. This is a great activity for fine motor skills for the little ones!



What can’t you do with TP?! Here’s how you can turn your toilet paper rolls into fun Christmas characters.

You’ll need TP rolls, coloured paper, cotton balls, and any other decorations you desire. Googly eyes, glitter paper, pipe cleaners etc.

To make a reindeer - Stick brown paper over your roll then create the face by adding googly eyes, a drawn on smile and a little red pom pom as a nose. Find some little twigs from your garden you can glue or tape to the inside of the roll and you’ve got Rudolph!

To make Santa - Make the hat by cutting a small circle from red glitter paper. Cut a small slit and tape together to form the cone of the hat. Glue a white cotton ball on the top and around the bottom of the hat. Next add googly eyes and a cotton ball beard. Wrap some red glitter paper around the roll as his suit and finish off with a black paper belt.



Time to use up all those cardboard boxes from your online shopping!

This is such a fun and simple craft exercise. All you have to do is cut rounds of cardboard to make your ‘bauble then cut evenly spaced slits around the edges, 1-2cm. Slip your wool into the first slit, leaving a little on the back. Next, methodically work your way around the cardboard, wrapping the wool through each slit until you have your desired pattern. You can play with different bauble shapes, patterns and colours. Make a loop out of the wool and hang on your tree!



All you need for this magical snowflake creation is some paper, scissors and a bit of Mariah Carey playing in the background!

Start with a square of paper, then fold it in half to make a triangle. Fold it in half again bringing the pointed corners together. Make folds so this triangle is divided into 3 equal triangular sections.

Next, fold the left section, then the right section. You’ll be left with an arrow head shape. Cut the pointed bottom off so you are left with a neat triangle again. Cut random shapes out of the edges to create your snowflake.

Your creations are bound to sleigh!
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