Christmas, Tips, Hacks Blogged by: Chirnside Park 03 Dec 2020

Clever Christmas Hacks - The 2020 Edition!

You can’t go past a list of hacks can you? Especially at Christmas, ANY tips that save time, money, the environment or stress are welcome! Bring it on!

These Christmas shortcuts will have you wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner. More time to spend with the people you love sounds good to us!
  • Wrapping Paper Holder - Keep that unruly wrapping paper tidy by wrapping it with a toilet paper roll. All you have to do is cut a slit down one side and pop it on.
  • Wrapping Paper Storage - Once it’s time to pack the paper away, store the roles vertically in a garment back and hang for next year.
  • Tree Decoration Storage - There are millions of hacks for how to store your hanging decorations safely, but we love the idea of placing them in egg cartons that then get stacked inside a box.
  • Wrapped Tree - Time poor and can’t be bothered redecorating your tree year to year? Wrap the whole thing with sheets and tape (the eco friendly version) or bubble wrap and tape.
  • Hang Your Christmas Stockings - We can’t always stick pins or nails into the mantle or walls to hang our stockings. You can however hang them from a coat rack or a free standing clothes rack, decorated as a nice feature.
  • Christmas Lights - You can wrap your lights around a garden hose reel or even coat hangers to prevent tangling.
  • Gift Wrapping - Pretty fabric makes an eco friendly, reusable and unique gift wrapping solution.
  • Fool Proof Gift Tags - Make your own gift tags using pictures of the gift recipient! What a fun idea!
  • Christmas Chandelier - If you have a broken umbrella, don’t throw it out! The open frame with fairy lights wrapped around it makes a beautiful Christmas chandelier.
  • Place Card Holders - 3 candy canes taped or tied upside down together make a gorgeous and simple place card holder.
  • Christmas Decor - Fill different sized hurricane lamps with coloured baubles for an easy and stunning Christmas table centrepiece
  • Easy Christmas Wreath Dessert - Place premade lamingtons on your platter in the shape of a wreath. Stick together with fresh whipped cream, top with strawberries, passionfruit and cherries and then all you have to do is not eat it before dessert!
  • Keep The Kids Busy - The kids will LOVE some peppermint edible playdough. Or, give them a Christmas experiment to make fake snow! 
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