Blogged by: Chirnside Park 01 Dec 2020

Easy Christmas DIY for Craft Lovers

2020 has been the year of ‘homemade’! We know you’ve been baking bread, crocheting berets for your chihuahua and weaving friendship bracelets. And why not?! It’s the year of getting back to our roots. The year of looking after each other, spending time and celebrating what matters.

Now that Christmas is on the way, we’ve rounded up some fun Christmas DIY ideas to keep your inner craft god/goddess happy. Not only will these ideas save you money, but you’ll have a blast creating them with your family.



Brown paper bags and natural pegs make a gorgeous rustic gift wrap. You can decorate them with festive stickers or even paint the pegs to look like little reindeer, elves, snowmen or any festive character you like.



For a no fuss, modern Christmas tree that requires minimal space, consider a wall tree. All you need is washi tape, string, mini ornaments and stickers. We suggest drawing your ideal tree shape on the wall with a pencil first. Then tape over the lines. Next, tape (or thumb tack depending on your walls) string in a zigzag pattern over your tree. You can then put on stickers as ornaments, or any lightweight decorations over the string. Pop some presents underneath and voilà! Instant tree.



The art of napkin folding is not only fun but a great way to impress your Christmas guests. Here are a few fun tutorials we found online to help you Razzle Dazzle (or Jingle Jangle) up your Christmas table.
• Napkin Tree 
• Napkin Star 
• Napkin Elf Hat



This year there’s no need to blow out your budget on fancy wrapping. Create your own gorgeous hand stamped brown paper wrap with these nifty and easy ideas. All you need is brown paper, a white (or other coloured) ink pad and a few other bits and pieces listed below.
• The little round eraser at the end of a pencil can be used to create cute dots on your brown paper. Dot evenly or even dot little Christmas shapes onto your paper.
• Playdough has a multitude of uses. Shape your playdough into your desired festive shape and use it to stamp the ink pad then paper.
• You can even use a potato to make your own stamp. Cut it in half, cut your desired shape and stamp away!


There are SO many ways you can create an inexpensive, sustainable and gorgeous advent calendar! We love these ideas:
• Hang a large stick or Christmas garland on the wall. From it, hang string with 25 little pegged paper bags. Decorate with coloured string, stamps or stickers and watch the joy as your little people unpeg a bag each day!
• Paper cups work a treat for holding treats! Number your pretty cups with texta or stickers, place the treats inside then seal with a cup lid or some taped on tissue paper. Pierce the base of the cups, thread through string and tape rows to the wall.


You can quite literally stick Christmas decorations onto your wrapping paper or bags! Sometimes it’s nice to gift a Christmas bauble or decoration. We love this idea of sticking a red bauble on a paper back with some googly eyes and tree needles to create a rudolph face. Another lovely idea is to thread a precious decoration onto the string around a gift.

That’s a wrap, Crafty Cats!
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