Winter Comes Alive, Kids Fashion Blogged by: Chirnside Park 06 Jun 2019

Boots, brollies and coats for kids

Remember when you were a child, jumping in puddles, running, skipping, climbing trees and playing cricket outdoors despite the rain? Close your eyes for just a moment and remember those happy times.
Kids love to play. They love to get wet and dirty. They NEVER seem to feel the cold. But that doesn’t stop us parents trying to save them from the sniffles (or save us from piles of muddy washing).
This Winter, there’s an amazing rainbow of wet weather fun fashion for kiddies. So rug them up, wrap them up and sent them outside in style that will keep them dry, warm and clean!


Good ol’ gumboots, wellies, rubber boots, wellington’s, galoshes… they’ve been around for centuries. It’s rumoured that the 1st Duke of Wellington made them a ‘thing’ when British aristocracy wore them as fashion in the mid 19th century. Practicality took over when some bright spark discovered they kept their tootsies warm and hey presto!!! They became a household staple. Kids get all the fun with the bright and amazing options this Winter. 


Everyone loves a good umbrella ‘ella ‘ella (you’re singing, aren’t you?). The ‘brolly’ was invented over 4,000 years ago and has been used ever since in different ways. From the Egyptians who needed shade from the hot sun, to China where royalty and nobility carried leather umbrellas for fashion. Now, the brolly is an essential part of every car, handbag, school bag, Bunnings excursion and more. 


Are you even an Aussie if you didn’t grow up with the bright yellow staple raincoat? We’re having flashbacks to family portraits on a rainy beach, with an army of yellow coated minions grinning in the downpour. Scotish chemist Charles Macintosh actually sparked the invention of the raincoat in 1824. He patented tarpaulin fabric and the rest was history. Plastic raincoat or otherwise, your little tykes can dress in wamr and water proofed style this WInter.

Shop kids Boots, Brollies & Coats at Chirnside Park:




P.s. why don’t you get out there with them? A little water never hurt anyone. ☔🌦🌈

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