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It's Time for Halloween!
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 18 Oct 2016 View comments
10. Go old school this year and head to that Halloween bash as a ghost!  All you need is a white sheet, some scissors to cut eye holes and you’re ready to get spooky! Get your white sheet a Chirnside Park’s Home Sweet Home.


Put in a tiny bit more effort with that sheet by sewing black dots all over and go as the Charlie Brown Ghost!


9. What little girl doesn’t want to be princess at some time in their life – get your daughter this cute ballet dress from Kmart (in store only) and match it with a tiara with princess shoes – the photos will be adorable and the costume won’t break the bank!  Plus the dress is totally wearable again!


8. Is your child’s best friend the family dog?  Give him or her a chance to impersonate their favourite pet with this adorable shirt from Kmart.


7. We’ve got the perfect Halloween costume for you with minimal fuss!  We love these adorable Kmart Halloween headbands – they are so cute that they’ll get everyone in the Halloween mood!


6. While we’re on the topic of dressing up like the family pet – is your kid cat obsessed?  We’ve got the perfect costume at your Chirnside Park Target! MEOW!


5. Looking for something a bit scarier but still with that oh-so-cute facter?  Try this Halloween Tux from your local Chirnside Target store!  It’s meant to be pyjamas which means it’s cute, scary and comfy for your little one! 


4. What about for you tween who has grown out of customs but still wants to get in on the fun?  Try these full length haunted house leggings from Target – for $12, they’ll do the job!


3. Super hero obsessed?  Grab this Cotton On ensemble for your little super hero at only $22.95 it’s a steal!

2. Unicorns are big this year and help your kid live out their dreams but dressing them as a unicorn this year even if it’s just for eating candy at home in this pj set and unicorn boots from Cotton On!



1.Our favourite Halloween costume this year is an oldie but a goodie – a pirate!  Great for girls or boys and at the sale price of $10 at Cotton On – you can’t beat it!


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