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Halloween in Australia - What you need to know
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 18 Oct 2018 View comments
Halloween is a growing trend in the good old land of Oz. If you have kids, they’ll expect to be involved in some weird, wacky or wonderful way. It’s no longer just about ghosts, witches and spider webs. Noooo. These days it’s almost in line with street Christmas light competitions. Aussies are amping it up and you’d better get with the freaky program if you want to take part this year.
Here’s all the info you need to be prepared, and how to stay sane in the creepy crawly season.
Wed 31 October. Anywhere, everywhere. And if you try to run… they’ll fiiiind yooooou.
In all seriousness… expect to see houses covered with an assortment of creepy decorations as well as pint sized ghoulies walking the streets looking for goodies.
Fear not. There’s nothing to say you must have 683 snack sized snickers bars ready at your door. In fact, you don’t have to be involved at all. Here’s what you need to know re Halloween etiquette (if you are a trick or treater, or a giver of treats).
  • Be careful witch door you knock on… not everyone is open to trick or treaters. Generally, if a house has Halloween decorations up, they are a safe bet. 
  • Don’t knock on doors or ring doorbells after 6.30pm. People are winding down.
  • Be safe! Don’t send kids alone (of course). Go with them, in groups. Teach them about stranger danger before you go out and if you respect the rules, you’ll ensure you are only targeting willing households.
  • Manners, manners and manners. 
  • If you aren’t roaming the streets and prefer instead to stay home and give out treats, here are some tips for making it spooktacular.
  • If you are participating, let people know. You don’t have to cover your house top to bottom. Just stick a few decorations on your letterbox.
  • Don’t give trick or treater’s fruit (they’ll probably throw it back at you, and you would have deserved it). Sure, you can make it healthy… just don’t make it BORING. Or they’ll be laughing at you so much they’ll be coffin.
  • Only offer wrapped treats. Parents are (rightly) paranoid about treats from strangers. Make sure they are sealed and safe.
  • If you have run out of treats (or don’t feel like you can take anymore)... turn your outdoor lights off or stick up a politely worded note. 

Check out Target & Kmart for an amazing selection of costumes, decorations & treats!

Go forth and get freaky! Have an un-boo-lievable Halloween, pumpkins!

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