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Free & fun Spring school holiday activities

Spring school holidays are upon us, and at Chirnside park we’ve got you covered on free and fun Spring kids activities that are sure to: 
  1. not break the bank (or cost a cent!)
  2. tire them out so much that they’ll be begging for bedtime (goals!)
  3. will keep them out of your hair, off the iPad and engaged
Read on for our guide to the best school holiday activities this spring that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

For the little (and big) adventure bugs, here’s a list of the best ways to stay entertained in the great outdoors.
  • Adventure parks / water parks - playgrounds on steroids sound fun to us too! Most cities have some type of water park or outdoor adventure park.
  • On your bike! - Find a local bike track and take everyone out for some fresh air and exercise. Add some fun by hunting for (or planting) geocaches or hide and seek painted rocks.
  • Plant a veggie garden - What perfect timing, with kids buzzing with the arrival of the Woolworths Discovery Garden initiative. You only need a small area and the seeds are quick to grow. You could even decorate pots together as part of the fun.
  • Camp out at home - Who says you need to go anywhere? Set up a tent in the back yard and spend a night under the stars with your little adventurers. If the weather turns bad, move it into the living room!
  • Wildlife watching - Take your kids to a local park or national park and document what wildlife you see. You can even report your sightings, helping your local councils build a database of local wildlife.
For the days where weather won’t permit outdoor fun, or for those who need to work from home while keeping the kiddies occupied, here are some great ideas for indoor fun.
  • Indoor workshops - There are so many businesses these days offering fabulous, interactive school holiday workshops. Visit see what's happening in your area.
  • Arts and crafts - Set up a few craft stations for a day. Beaded jewellery, paper mache, painting, pom pom pets or even scrapbooking.
  • Kids cooking - Whether at home or a paid workshop, little chefs love to create their own yummy food! Plan your meals at home e.g. DIY pizza stations or send them to a kids cooking course for a day. 
Even consider setting up a special school holiday calendar on the wall at home. Make it colourful, fun and talk kids through what’s on to keep all the ‘what are we doing today?’ questions at bay! Give them options and let them even tailor some holiday activities themselves. They’ll love it!
Peace out, and good luck folks!
Check out what’s happening these School Holidays at Chirnside Park.
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