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Christmas Recipes For Kids
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 06 Dec 2017 View comments
Forget grandma’s pudding recipe and spending hours decorating cookies, these simple recipes will have you feeling the Christmas spirit (and eating it too!) in no time at all. Plus all the ingredients are available in supermarkets to save you time and money.

Xmas shakes

Santa Shakes

Dip the top of a milk bottle glass into yoghurt and ensure the rim is coated. Now roll it in coconut so the yoghurt is completely covered. Pour a strawberry or raspberry smoothie into the glass and then finish off with a strawberry threaded onto a straw.
You can pick milk bottles up at Target. Kids love drinking from them and they are great for so many different party and recipe ideas!

reindeer cupcake

Reindeer cupcakes

As a base you will need cupcakes topped with either chocolate or vanilla icing. For the antlers, break pretzels in half and place on either side at the top of the cupcakes. For regular Reindeer noses use Maltesers and for Rudolph noses use Jaffas.
This is so easy to get the kids involved in making and perfect for any quick Christmas baking you need to do for school or Christmas parties.
Coles have some cute Christmas cupcake cases and that is what we used for our reindeer cupcakes to add an extra festive touch.

fruit platter

Festive Fruit platter

Cut slices of watermelon to about 1/2 cm thickness. Using a small star cookie cutter, cut approximately 40 star shapes from the watermelon slices. Store the off cuts to use in fruit salad for snacks.
Arrange the watermelon stars in a tree shape and place halved grapes all the way around the edge to finish the tree shape.
To decorate your fruit tree, dip blueberries and raspberries into yoghurt and place them on top of the watermelon stars. Arrange any remaining stars around the plate for decoration.
Target sell cookie cutter sets that you can use to cut out your star shape.

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