Recipes, Easter Blogged by: Chirnside Park 28 Mar 2019

Easter Sweet Treat Inspiration

The Easter break is a great time to bring the whole family together in the kitchen. Taking the time to create fun treats doesn’t have to be complicated… these fun ideas are guaranteed to get the big and little kids excited!


Everyone loves to bake, and with a little bit of extra time over the Easter break, why don’t you take the time to get creative with your kids? Cupcake decorating is fun for everyone!
Take your favourite cupcake recipe, and then unleash your creativity with fondant (available from most supermarkets), to create a sheep or bunny’s head, creating their facial features with icing or lollies. M&Ms make great eyes, with milk bottle lollies perfect to cut down for ears… and don’t forget teeth lollies for your bunnies! Or perhaps you could ice your cupcakes and top with Easter eggs.



If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, why not try making cake pops? Delicious and fun, cake pops are the perfect opportunity to get creative with icing and decoration. Looking for a shortcut? Try breaking down a store-bought mud cake with ¼ cup ready-made chocolate frosting. Stir until combined, and then roll out your cake pop balls and freeze until firm. After half an hour you are ready to decorate!



Make pancakes and fruit fun by creating little bunnies… simply build the bunny by creating ears, a round face, round body and two paws with pancake mix. Create a tail with some whipped cream and top your paws with banana and blueberries to mimic a paw print… now you have a bunny hopping away to join the Easter fun!

With a little bit of imagination, Easter will be more than just eggs from Easter Bunny for your kids… there’s plenty of opportunities to bring the family together for some baking fun!
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