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Chive & Bean Fritters
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 26 May 2016 View comments
Ingredients                                                                                                               Serves 4

4 cups green beans
2 cups chives
2 cups coarse polenta
½ cup plain flour
1 ½ teaspoons bicarb soda
2 eggs
60 grams butter
2 ½ cups buttermilk
1 tsp salt 


1. Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

2. Finely chop beans and chives and pop into a bowl.

3. Combine the polenta, flour, bicarb soda and salt in a separate bowl.

4. Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff. Melt the butter.

5. Make a well in the middle of the polenta mix and add buttermilk, melted butter and egg yolks.

6. Stir briefly to combine and add the chopped beans and chives, then gently fold in the egg whites.

7. Oil the frying pan and put onto a medium heat.

8. When the pan is hot, add spoonfuls of the mixture, ensuring they aren’t too close together, or they’ll stick to each other!

9. Fry until you see little bubbles on the tops, then turn over and fry on the other sides until golden.

10. Keep warm in the oven until all the fritters are done, remove and serve.

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