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Classic Australian Christmas Foods
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 14 Nov 2017 View comments
When it comes to Christmas, Australia shares similar meal traditions of Europe and America, but due to the warmer weather, we like to put a unique twist on the classic Christmas meals.

Whether you’re doing a casual BBQ beside the beach or enjoying a sit down meal this year, you’ll be sure to find some of these foods on the Christmas lunch or dinner menu. With Christmas just around the corner, be sure to get in early at Chirnside Park to pick the freshest foods!


For many of us, Christmas isn’t complete without fresh prawns. From prawn cocktails, king prawns or tiger prawns, we have been barbequing fresh prawns since the early 80’s. With fresh prawns delivered to your local Chirnside Seafood, be sure to get down early this Christmas to get first pick.

prawns chirnside park

Christmas Ham

Usually the main event of any Christmas lunch or dinner. The all-time classic Christmas ham is the result of hours worth of glazing by your dedicated home cook. While each family has their own secret recipe, you will often find your fingerlicking ham glazed in honey or maple, served with baked apple or cranberry sauce.

Check out your local Deli World Chirnside Park to grab your Christmas ham.

ham chirnside park


With an egg base, a crispy shell and a soft marshmallow-like centre, the pavlova is topped with a range of fresh berries, fruit syrups and whipped cream. Long disputed ownership between Australia and New Zealand, the pavlova is your classic Christmas dessert, perfect for the hot Australian Christmas.

You can grab your pavlova base, berries, fruit syrups and whipped cream from your local Coles Chirnside Park.

pavlova chirnside park

Mince Pies

Not to be mistaken as a beef pie, the Christmas mince pie is another all-time classic food. The mince pie is jam packed with apples, marmalade, spices, sultanas, currants and brandy. Traditionally an English Christmas dessert, the mince pie is an easy but well-loved favorite! Make from scratch or buy pre-made at Coles.

Be sure to check out Christmas food deals and specials at Coles Chirnside Park.

mince pie


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