Christmas Food, This is how we Christmas Blogged by: Chirnside Park 11 Nov 2019

Fun and healthy Christmas food ideas for kids!

You don’t need sugar to ‘avo’ merry Christmas! Fun food for kids doesn’t have to be unhealthy. This year, get your little chefs to experiment with fruit and veg in the kitchen with you, making special Christmas characters.
Check out some of Chirnside Park's favourite fun and healthy Christmas food for kids, to help make it the most wonderful ‘lime’ of the year.



You’ve heard of Rudolph, but the kids will love Fruity! 

  • Cut 3 thin rounds of orange, and place on a plate. One for the head, one for the body and one for Fruity’s muzzle
  • Cut little legs and ears out of orange and place on Fruity
  • Use the skin of a red apple to cut a little triangle hat, a round nose and a mouth
  • Orange rinds can be cut into strips that make adorable antlers
  • The inside of the apple works perfectly to cut a round hat pom pom and round eyes
  • Small raisins or sultanas make perfectly yummy centres for the eyes
  • For some added fun you could add a sprinkle of icing sugar or some chocolate dust dirt at Fruity’s feet. 


The opportunities are endless for Christmas character brekkie toasties! But here are some of our favourites. 
  • Rudolph - Smear your toast with peanut butter, add banana and blueberry eyes, pretzel antlers, a raspberry nose and a blueberry skin mouth.
  • Santa - Butter your toast and sprinkle with a little cinnamon sugar. Add blueberry eyes, a raspberry nose, sliced banana beard and a strawberry hat. You can use yogurt or marshmallow to make the fluffy white part of Santa’s hat.
  • Christmas Tree - Smear your toast with nutella, add sliced green apple in the shape of a Christmas tree, dot with applesauce or mini marshmallow baubles and enjoy! 


All kids love candy canes, strawberries and bananas! What a brekkie match made in heaven.
  • Slice your banana and washed strawberries into thin strips
  • Alternate them on a plate, placing them side by side into the shape of a candy cane
  • Place the pointy end of the banana at the end of the candy cane ‘hook’
  • You could add some nutella or chocolate dipping sauce for a special something. 


There’s nothing like the freshness of crisp, cold cucumber paired with cream cheese or mayo. The kids will barely know their plate is healthy!
  • Use your christmas tree cookie cutter to cut tree shapes out of wholemeal slices of bread
  • Paste them with whole egg mayonnaise or cream cheese
  • Slice cucumber thinly, then cut into semi circles
  • Place cucumbers on top of your bread
  • Cut little stars out of watermelon or tomato to adorn the top of your ‘tree’
  • You could also add little fruit and veg ‘presents’ under your ‘trees’! 


These little Santas absolutely sleigh (hehe)!
  • Wash your strawberries and cut of the green leaves to make a flat bottom
  • Slice the top off your strawberries (about a third off the top) and set aside for the little hat
  • Pipe some fresh cream onto Santa’s body, then place the ‘hat’ on top, then another smaller dob of cream for the hat pom pom
  • Black sesame seeds make perfect little eyes for the dob of cream under Santa’s hat
  • Using a toothpick, dob some cream on Santa’s chest for little buttons
  • You could dust Santa with icing sugar for some ‘snow’. 
Now we aren’t saying that kids shouldn’t also enjoy a little sugar at Christmas, but these ideas are fun, healthy and something you can entertain kids with every day. You could add a little fun with chocolate or peanut butter sauce to dip healthy veg and fruit into.
We hope your kids enjoy ‘celery’-brating Christmas this year, and we wish you all ‘peas’ on earth ;)
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