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Beautiful food - how to brighten up the table this Spring
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 26 Sep 2018 View comments
Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming. The world is becoming colourful again with the arrival of Spring and it’s time to awaken those taste buds! To inspire you, we’ve summarised some of the most beautiful food trends to liven up your tabletop.
Whether you are entertaining friends, planning a kid’s party (or any celebration) or just looking to jazz up your brekky, here are some beautiful ways to do it.



Lavender, nasturtium, rose, marigold, rosemary, pansies and the good old zucchini flower are just a few examples of edible flowers that will make your next celebration even more beautiful.
You can sprinkle them on a salad, freeze them in ice cubes or jazz up your brunch for friends by adding some to your plate. But our favourite is how simply you can create a professional looking and beautiful cake simply by using them as decoration.
Simply make a basic cake. Next, frost with a basic cream cheese icing, top with a mix of edible flowers, fresh berries and dust with icing sugar. 


We kid you not. Glitter. In food. All sorts of food. Cappuccinos, pizzas (say what?!), gravy, cocktails and more. The Insta-obsessed community are having a field day, swapping their $22 smashed avo on toast for the more sparkly option.
Just make sure the glitter you use states that it is ‘edible’ and ‘non-toxic’. Any other glitter has plastic components and not only is bad for you, but for the environment.


Are you looking for a way to make beautiful food for a kid’s party, that is easy, colourful and that doesn’t result in a table full of processed sugar? Check these out for some pretty (amazing) party food ideas:
  • Rainbow fruit platter - Simply chop up your coloured fruit, place coloured rows in a rainbow shape and pop two bowls of tzatziki at each end like little clouds
  • Rainbow nice-cream - Serve up some nice-cream in fun cones for the kids, it’s easy! Simply chop and freeze different coloured fruit, blend each colour separately with coconut milk and maple syrup and serve. Mango, watermelon, blueberry, banana… throw in some choc chips or coconut. The options are endless!
  • Rainbow sandwiches - Layer wholemeal bread with pureed beet, avocado and cheese for a fun, tasty colourful lunchtime treat. 
While you might not want to combine these (weird and) wonderful food trends together, a touch of fabulousness here and there is sure to impress your tastebuds and your friends. We’ll take one glitter pizza with a side of nasturtium salad, finished off with some rainbow nice-cream thanks! ðŸŒˆâœ¨ðŸ¦„🍰🌸

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