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Surviving winter in style
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 06 Aug 2018 View comments
Baby it’s cold outside… but don’t worry, we’ve got some advice to get you through the rest of those chilly days along with some of our favourite fashion picks of the season. 

1. Winter fashion trends


Cover up with a coat that stand out. From tartan, to tweed and faux fur. 
Here are a few of our favourites that will jazz up your winter wardrobe:


Faux Fur Jacket
$89.95 from Cotton On

Longline Hooded Puffer Coat
$88.95 from Katies

Trinity Fur Coat
$149 from Just Jeans




Because who doesn't love function and fashion! Especially if you’re having a bad hair day!!  
Here are a few of our picks:
Unicorn Pom Pom Beanie
$7 from Kmart
Pet Beanie with Ears
$3 from Kmart
Brushed Pom Pom Beanie
$9 from Kmart

2. Layering up

It’s hard to know how many layers are too many, especially when it comes to your kids. Here are a few tips to ensure you’ve got them covered… literally. Use the WOW layering system.

Wet: Base layer should be a moisture wicking material such as a good synthetic thermal.
Overlay: Layer with pieces that keep the heat in and the cold out, with knits, vests and jackets.
Weather: Ensure the top layer protects against outside elements - wind, rain, snow etc.    

3. Rainy weather must-haves

If you, like us, have fun childhood memories of splashing in puddles in clunky gumboots, you’ll love these rainy weather must haves, for you and your little ones:
Kids Camo Rain Boots
$15 from Kmart
Womens Downpour Rainboots
29 from Target
Kids Careen Confetti Rainboots
$15 from Target

4. Surviving winter sport

Saturday morning soccer, basketball, dancing… parents all over Australia are freezing their tooshies off to keep kids happy and active. Here’s how you keep everyone warm, and happy:
  • Get a good thermos! Pack your own hot drinks, saving a few $$ and the environment by ditching takeaway coffee cups. 
  • Get your base layers right. Choose a good, thermal base layer that dissipates heat, manages moisture and provides thermal insulation.
  • Get yourself a spectator tent! Made for 1 or 2 people, soccer parents worldwide are investing in small tents that block the wind and rain. 

These winter warmers aren’t the only things that can make you warm and fuzzy… it’s a great excuse to cuddle up!

Stay warm everyone!

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