Blogged by: Chirnside Park 23 Nov 2018


It’s that jolly time of year again, where kids are writing up their present wish lists, and parents are using Santa as a bargaining chip for good behaviour (are we right?!). Hey… you can only use it for certain months of the year so no judgement here!
You’re probably starting to think about booking in for a Santa photo. What can sometimes be an easy and enjoyable adventure for some, can be a stressful and anxiety ridden experience for others (we’re talking about you, not your kids). So we’ve put together a little guide on how to dress your kids, AND how to keep them smiling for the jolly fellow.
Avoid bright red and green as a main colour. I know, you’ve spotted a ruffly red dress that will make little Mary Christmas look gorgeous. But unless you want her blending into the big guy and his suit, go for something more neutral. Touches of colour are great.

Further to the above point… neutrals are best. Whites, blacks, silvers, golds, creams, greys or colours that aren’t red or green. Colours that will complement your little one and the festive setting.

Accessorise! Bows, clips, bowties, belts, jewellery. Don’t go overboard, but if your clothing palette is neutral, jazz it up with a statement accessory.

It’s not a pageant… don’t go crazy with frills, sequins or character clothing, or your child will end up holding a grudge against you as they grow older. (Or… go nuts and you’ll have great material for the 21st birthday later on!). 

Shop these looks at Kmart:


Don’t just rock up. Prepare them. Talk about Santa and the exciting chance to tell him what they’d like for Christmas when they see him. Get them to talk you through their list, so they know what they want to say (and then you know if you have to set their expectations for the miniature pony they want to ask him for)

If you can, arrive early and show them Santa and the setting. The more familiar they are, the better
Offer them a small reward for being brave and polite to Santa. It could be a small toy, a cupcake or just a trip to their favourite playground.

You may very well end up in the picture if your child isn’t happy. Don’t stress about it, just be prepared (lose the mum bun and the dad cap for the day and wear something casual but nice). 

Good luck, brave your ‘elves’ parents. Follow these tips and your pics are bound to ‘sleigh’.