Christmas, Food, Recipes, Kids Blogged by: Chirnside Park 20 Nov 2020

Edible Christmas Fun for Kids

They’re coming… not long now…. are you ready parents?! The Christmas School Holidays! (Heeeeeeeeelp!)

Before we know it, our little people will be home for the longest (and most festive and fun) school holiday of the year. It’s time to start planning some fun activities for our kids. Importantly, it’s time to be together and spend some quality time together. You don’t need to go out and spend money every day. You can stay in and create!

Here are some fun festive food projects for you and your family. The little ones in your life are going to LOVE these tasty ideas.

Christmas tree chocolate brownies

Bake a normal slab of chocolate brownies then cut into triangles. Use candy cane sticks as the tree trunk. Get the kids to decorate their own Christmas tree patterns with icing and sprinkles.

Marshmallow snowmen

Use edible markers or toothpicks dipped in food colouring to paint little eyes and a carrot nose on your white marshmallows. Then thread a few plain marshmallows onto a skewer, topped with a snowman head. Alternatively, you can pop a few little marshmallow men into your hot chocolate!

Melted mint candy tags

The little red and white peppermint candies are yummy and versatile! Spray some baking paper and festive cookie cutters with some oil. Place a few mints into the cookie cutters then bake at 160deg for 2-6 minutes. Poke a little hole in the top as they start to harden and then let them cool in the moulds. Thread with ribbon and add to gifts or to your tree!

Ice cream cone Christmas trees

Get kids to decorate their own ice cream cone Christmas trees. You can fill them with cake mix or cookie dough. Then, when baked and cooled, flip upside down and the kids can decorate their ‘trees’ with icing, sprinkles, choc chips, lollies and more. Or simply make ice cream in a cone festive by adding a candy cane on top – the kids will love it!

Rudolph chocolate spoons

Have you ever tried a chocolate spoon? A wooden spoon covered with chocolate, stirred into a warm milk for a fun hot chocolate. For a festive spin, decorate the chocolate with candy white eyes, a red m&m nose and some candy cane ears.

Edible Christmas wreath

A rocky road wreath is a fun, tasty and gorgeous way to spend time with the kids! Grease a bundt tin and fill with rocky road mixture per your favourite recipe. Set for a few hours in the fridge, then let it come to room temperature before you flip it upside down to decorate. Drizzle with melted white chocolate, then top with sprinkles, jaffas, m&m’s, crushed candy cane or any of your favourite sweets. This also makes a fabulous Christmas table centrepiece!

Enjoy sampling your Christmas creations, happy holidays to all!
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