Proudly Carbon Neutral!

Chirnside Park is the first carbon neutral shopping centre in Victoria

Proudly Carbon Neutral 

GPT is very proud to be delivering Chirnside Park as the first carbon neutral shopping centre in Victoria.
In parntership with Shell Energy, Chirnside Park Shopping Centre now has its very own Smart Energy Hub, which includes a 650 kilowatt solar array and a 2 megawatt-hour battery which is located at Kimberley Drive entrance to the car park.   

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Chirnside Park Shopping Centre launched the Smart Energy Hub.  This means our building can now be a generator, a flexible consumer and storer of energy, or a Smart Energy Hub.  

The Smart Energy Hub comprises of three parts......

1. Large Scale Battery 
2. Rooftop Solar Power
3. Thermal Energy of our air-conditoining system 

This allows us to conserve energy in peak times and release in off peak times 


Chirnside Park is the only Climate Active certified Carbon Neautral Shopping Centre in Victoria!

July 2021 - Start date for construction of Solar
October 2021 - Start date for construction of Battery
August 2022 - Battery & Solar Fully Operational 
September 2022 - Certification Process Began 
January 2023 - Carbon Neutral Certification