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Activities for Kids
Blogged by: Chirnside Park 27 Sep 2018 View comments
Every parent knows what it feels like to have a bored child. Whether they tell you incessantly until they drive you mad, or whether they just follow you around, invading your personal space and pleading you with those little Puss in Boots eyes to entertain them.

Often, it’s easy to shove them in front of a screen and continue getting on with your task at hand. It’s easy and it’s effective! Hey, no judgement here - sometimes it’s a good idea and they’ve earned it.

We’ve collated some of our best tips to keep kids entertained, off screens, educated, active and creative, without breaking the bank! (And, if it helps you out with the daily chores - bonus!).



Kids love shadowing ‘big people’. Find some age appropriate tasks they’ll like, getting them involved and helping around the house, in a fun way that doesn’t feel like work. Try:
  • Getting them to help cook e.g. healthy snacks for the week ahead at school or edible playdough
  • Making tidy up a game e.g. picking up pet hair off the floor, biggest fluff ball wins!
  • Mini housework tools like brooms, mops, rakes etc. Cute, and effective.
  • Make cleaning up fun. Sing a song to indicate it’s tidy up time then race them to see who finishes tidying up first.
  • Reward them. Sticker reward charts are fantastic. You don’t have to go nuts… their reward can be as small as a cupcake or a small toy.


Remember the good old days of playing outdoors? Collecting rocks and making mud pies? Here are some safe and fun ways to get your kids to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Paint the pavers. Paintbrush, bucket of water, sunshine. Get the kids to paint patterns on the concrete or pavers. No mess!
  • Sidewalk chalk. Outdoor art that is fun and hoses off easily!
  • Nature art. Go on a scavenger hunt, collect stones, pinecones, leaves, twigs and more to collect and paint.
  • Get them into the garden. Give each child a plant to care for. Make it fun, name it, build a fairy garden in the pot, giving them some responsibility and some fun!


Yes, we’ve just been telling you how to keep your kids from being bored. However, do you know that sometimes, boredom is the best thing for them?

Kids who have to entertain themselves end up exploring their creative sides. Imaginative play is great for social, emotional and physical development. Encourage them to role play. Be superheros, play shops, families, doctors and nurses.

It will help build a range of skills such as problem solving, negotiation, fine motor, hand-eye coordination and more. It’s also an adorable way to watch them express themselves.
Go, inspire them, then put your feet up mamas and papas. ☕

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